The SNUG is our premium quality down sleeping bag made exclusively for us by the experts in goose down products, HexValleyDown. In true RADBAG bivy style. Why would we design such a thing? In short: to maximize warmth at minimal weight.

Choose between the Snug450 (150g pure goose down fill) or the Snug500 (200g pure goose down fill).

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We realised that our customers journey through some places so cold that a bivvy on its own, no matter how good it is, just won’t do. And some of our customers, believe it or not, even enjoy a bit of comfort from time to time 😊

So we set out to create a real sleeping bag weighing a mere 450g (less than a block of butter) and make it as warm as possible. The Snug450 has a fill weight of 150g pure goose down. We recently released the Snug500 with a fill weight of 200g pure goose down.

To achieve that we needed use up as much of that weight allowance as possible for insulation and the least possible for the other stuff. No zips, buckles, clasps, baffles, cowls, velcro thingamies and other bells & whistles that don’t add warmth. A rip-resistant reversible casing as lightweight as possible, whilst still being durable and water repellent. The same evolved and optimised shape as the RADBAG Original: 2m long, 76cm at the shoulders and tapering down to a narrow footbox. A simple drawcord: silent, unlike a zip, effective at sealing the bag above your shoulders or over your head, keeping all that warmth inside.

Then we fill it with the highest quality lightweight expandable insulation known to man: pure goose down, until it weighs 450g, including its perfectly sized stuffing bag, sewn onto the foot of the sleeping bag in the usual RADBAG way.

Approached like this, that turns out to be quite a lot of down for a bag of this weight, which translates into what we believe to be the warmest 450g sleeping bag currently available to adventurers anywhere.

Please note:

HexValley Down birds are free range and mature geese and under no circumstances do they kill or mistreat our birds for their down and feathers. They gather their top quality, large cluster, hand-harvested down and feathers from their geese when the down clusters have reached their full size, therefore ensuring the full potential to effectively insulate the body.

HexValley Down do not use processed filling or mix qualities for any of their products but pure goose down and feathers only.

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