RADBAG Original

This is the original and best adventure bivvy bag if you’re looking for an all-round durable bivvy that you can use on your wild-camping excursions, multi-day hikes, bike-packing journeys and any other occasion you might find yourself sleeping on the ground under the stars. It’s small and light enough for racing too, and meets the requirements of the Adventure Racing World Series as mandatory equipment.


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It’s been refined over many years to be the right size and shape to suit most adults. Over the years we’ve refined the design to strike a balance between warmth, weight and comfort.

It’s 2m long and a generous 76cm wide at the shoulders, tapering down in a mummy shape to a narrower footbox – not too narrow that you can’t get into it with your shoes on in an emergency. It’s also big enough that you’ll be able to fit your sleeping bag inside it for extra comfort during those winter excursions.

It’s olive green in colour, so that you blend into your surroundings. Let’s face it, most of the time you don’t want your sleeping spot to draw any unwanted attention. And if you should need to make your bivvy highly visible, simply turn it inside out so that the reflective coating is on the outside.

This is not one of those foil bags that crinkles and rustles like a chips packet, annoying your team mates or campsite neighbours. Nor does it rip in half at the slightest excuse like a space blanket. It won’t make you sweat like a plastic bivvy either. Rather, it’s made from a durable material that is extremely water resistant, but breathable enough to prevent condensation inside.

It has a reflective coating on the inside to help retain your radiated body heat. Seams are double-stitched. It has a draw-cord at the opening to allow you wiggle your way down and close it entirely over your head, with a small slit for breathing and for access to the draw-cord.

Your RADBAG Original features its own attached stuffing bag, sewn onto the foot so you don’t lose it. The bag is sized for easy stowing – you can get your RADBAG packed in 15 seconds flat, so that you are ready to hit the trail again quickly.

It has loops for hanging it up to dry.


Like your favourite campfire whiskey, RADBAG can be enjoyed neat, or mixed. Use it on its own or with a sleeping bag.
Adventure racers and other racing snakes, light-and-fast travellers will generally use it on its own. Simply climb into the bag with all your clothes on. Sleep. Get up, stow and go.
If weight is not an issue, or if cold is, then use your RADBAG in conjunction with a sleeping bag. The warmth that is added enables you to use a lightweight summer bag in less than summery conditions.
You can use it like a hard-shell outer layer for your sleeping bag, adding warmth, taking the windchill off, keeping you dry from rain and dew, and keeping creepy crawlies and reptilian friends out of your sleeping arrangements.
Keep your nice down sleeping bag clean and dry and free of holes from those bushes that looked so comfortable, or those sharp shells on the beach sand.
On warm nights, you can use it simply as a groundsheet.
Your RADBAG will adds ±10°C of warmth to your sleeping arrangements, more so if wind-chill is involved.



Olive green


2m long by 76cm at the shoulders tapering down to 60cm at the feet, mummy shape
Weight: 365g

Fully enclosed

Drawcord at the opening (can be fully enclosed)

Packs down

Stuffing bag attached

Hang up to dry

Loops attached at the feet


With reinforced seams

Comfort temperature rating

+- 12 Degrees 

If the temperature is moderate to warm, you can sleep straight inside the RADBAG – maybe with a thin liner. If it is really cold or you will be sleeping out for the whole night, then you would climb into your sleeping bag and then into the RADBAG. 

This RADBAG bivvy bag serves the purpose of keeping out the windchill. It features a drawcord at the top to be pulled tight over your head with an open slit for breathing – isolating your body heat inside the cocoon.

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