This is ultimate full-length racing bivvy for expedition racers who want to save grams but are still serious about getting quality sleep mid-race. Made from a highly water resistant and ultra-breathable, technically advanced material, this bivvy has no pretences about what it’s for: racing.

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At a featherweight 169g you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s one of those short bivvies that only takes you up to your armpits, but you’d be wrong! It’s the longest RADBAG at 220cm long 😊, allowing even the tallest people to pull it right over their heads, pull the drawcord closed and slip into the blissful oblivion of sleep.

The reason for the length is born from the inspiration behind its invention: in 2018 at Expedition Africa, a racer got separated from his team, lost in the dark and mist, and miraculously survived a cold night out by wiggling his entire body in the foetus position inside his stretchy tee, with only the top of his buff-adorned head sticking out, letting his breathe warm the space inside.

The RADBAG Race works on the same principle: you close it over your head (hence the length) and your breathe helps warm the volume inside, while the highly breathable and insulative material prevents condensation building up inside. All this while being extremely water resistant (850mm water column), keeping the windchill off you and keeping those ants away from the energy bar now squashed in your pocket.

When you’ve had your 30 minute powernap and are ready to race hard once again, simply stow your RADBAG into its own attached correctly sized stuffing bag and off you go. No time wasted looking for the bag in the dark or trying to stuff it into an overly compact bag.

RADBAG is the official bivvy of the 2023 Adventure Racing World Championships 😊


  • Colour: white with red logo, easy to find in the dark in the bottom of your pack
  • Weight: 169g
  • Dimensions: 220cm long and 72cm wide
  • Drawcord at the opening (can be fully enclosed)
  • Stuffing bag attached (packs down to x by x cm)
  • Loops attached at the feet for hanging up to dry
  • Double-stitched and reinforced seams

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Weight 169 kg


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